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Empowering young South Africans

We are a leading Implementation partner, Youth@worK facilitates the creation of jobs within local schools and communities. These jobs strengthen these environments, as well as evolve youth’s understanding of alternative job spaces within social and community contexts. Youth are placed into a variety of traditional and novel roles such as Teacher assistant, IT, ECD and literacy facilitators, sports coaches, social workers, automotive trades, finance and accounting all roles which expand mindset, create opportunity & awareness, thus shifting understanding of what meaningful and viable work is. This is the essence of an entrepreneurial mindset.

Harnessing the power of collaboration to develop skills, knowledge, experience and opportunities


Our SA Youth Placement Network

National Footprint

Healthy Community School: 
multi-sectoral collaboration 

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Healthy Community School
Social Impact In Schools

Meet Nqobile Sthole. 

Before YES Nqobile was unemployed, in debt and unskilled. 


Through the Youth@worK YES program, Nqobile was able to create stability for her family, pay off her debt, choose a career in teaching and begin her studies, as well as open up a business, employ her own staff and work as a ECD teacher. All this has happened within her one-year youth placement journey. But now hear it from her.....

Our implementation process works


We work closely with schools that are part of the Partner for Possibility Leadership Programme. For more information on the transformational journey that the schools and the youth have undertaken download the chapter Youth@worK harnessing the power of collaboration in the newly released book 2010 -2020 Stories of Impact

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Meet Phindile Mabanya. 

Before YES Phindile was unemployed, in school, studying for her industrial psychology masters. She joined our YES program as part of her practical component and she has been able to represent Y@W to our partners and youth through her amazing presenting skills.


She has been incredible with the youth and engaging with them, she has allowed us to foster great relationships with the youth and through her sessions we have been able to hear some amazing youth stories and successes. But now hear it from her.....

Youth at worKs Commitment

Ashley Shadung

Ashely, began the YES internship program as an administrator at Sandown High School, coordinating administrative processes, assisting the finance department in managing budgets implementing policies, and coordinating events. Ashley is currently the Guest Relations Officer at Forest Hill City, whose responsibilities include the maintenance of rules and regulations among the tenants being the different shop owners in the mall.


Ashley attributes the YES multifaceted program for equipping him with good social skills and interpersonal communication. His duties at Sandown High enabled him to improve skills in excel and payroll and reviewing governance and policies, which he currently implements in his new position. Being permanently employed and gaining a scholarship for studies has allowed Ashley to pursue an LLB Law degree at UNISA!

Youth Sponsored by:

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Social Impact Through Partner Engagement


Annual Report 2020

Below is a look at our 2020 annual report


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