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Learner Profiler

Please take a minute to watch our Elevator Pitch and learn more about the incredible Diagnostic Assessment tool, Learner Profiler.

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Who Are We
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Who We Are

Youth@worK provides unemployed youth with a deeply supported and meaningful year of work experience in non-traditional worksites across South Africa. We have extensive experience in placing youth into small business, community-based, social sector, and educational sector workspace opportunities. The work opportunities expose young people to the reward and value of delivering quality work within caring and youth-oriented organisations.

What Do We Offer

We empower young people in South Africa to offer an educational support service in school-based environments and communities. Our education support operators are available to assist educators, parents and learners in improving academic success using digital technologies and down-to-earth face-to-face methodologies. Our education support operators offer testing and guidance services for learners and the broader community. The screening goal is giving effect to the Screening, Identification, Assessment and Support SIAS (2014) Policy, emanating from the legislated White Paper 6 (2001), which seeks to support learners in the learning environment.

What Need in Communities Do We Help to Address?

School authorities, parents and caregivers in South Africa identify strengths and weaknesses in literacy and numeracy acquisition as one of the nation's biggest challenges. 
Learners also need career guidance that is meaningful and aligned to the needs of navigating the complexities of Higher Education. Educators and parents also need to understand better how to support learners. We believe that our education service will lend to the wheel of educational and career success.

How Does Our Service Help?

Our Mobile Testing Units are small, self-employed teams that market the education support services to schools in provinces and districts. The youth entrepreneurs offer an independent literacy, numeracy and career guidance screening of young learners at early childhood, primary and secondary levels. The screening and support service is geared at early detection of learning gaps before they grow into learning risks. Typically, these self-employed units use a blend of state-of-the-art web-based technology called the "Learner Profiler" to screen and identify literacy, numeracy and other learning challenges. The unit will deliver the results to school educators and parents. The reports are attractive, easy to understand and assist in pinpointing the literacy and numeracy challenges. Schools can create remedial interventions and then call for re-assessments to have an independent record of the distance travelled by the young person. Educators and parents will screen/rescreen annually to understand better which age, grade and gender demographics the learning challenges are evident. Therefore, the unit becomes outsourced but community embedded service supported by the SIAS school policy prerogative, for which little or no executing capacity exists in most schools. The units will also deliver district reports, providing a vital monitoring service for provincial education departments. Retesting more than once a year is encouraged.

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