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We all know the importance of life-long learning and how additional training can boost our future employability.  Empower your future by studying through the Alison portal (, complete the course and purchase a certificate via Youth@worK and we will give you a 30% discount for YOUTH DAY. This discount applies to only Youth@worK youth on the YES program.

If you (as a Youth@worK YES Youth) have completed a course through the Alison portal and would like to purchase a certificate/diploma, please email us and in the subject line let us know if you want a ‘Digital Certificate’ or a ‘Digital Diploma’ certificate.

Pricing –
Digital certificate REDUCED TO R156 (from R223)
Digital diploma - SOLD OUT!!!
All pricing is VAT inclusive.


If you have previously bought a certificate/diploma directly from Alison and you have not yet received your certificate or diploma, or if you have any other queries and issues, please contact us at and we will liaise directly with Alison to help get the matter sorted ASAP.  In this regard, we can only assist Youth@worK with Alison issues and queries.

Please download the infographic to see the steps to acquiring your Alison Certificates!!!

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