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R1000 CASH

How to enter? 

  •  Showcase what amazing work you are doing in the form of a video (If you need some tips go to Alison and review these courses Digital Photography, Social Media Strategy and Graphic Design)

  • Tell us how the YES program / Learnership assisted you in your own personal development.

  • How has YES / the training and other platforms like Alison assisted you to change your career options  

  •  How has your good work impacted your community? 

  • What is your dream job/ business / vision for your future?

  • Do you have a clear message of hope and optimism for other South Africans? 

  • Make sure the video is no longer than 2 min

  • Additional to your motivational video tell us why you need to win the prize. What will it mean to you? 

  • Tell us about your very own YouTube Channel if you have one

Upload Video

Thank you for entering the competition

5 winners will be selected 🚀Enties close 31 August 2021 

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