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Do you wish to contribute towards youth employment, quality education and social impact in communities in Africa

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Empower Youth

Through Work

Youth@worK has the humility to see things as they are, the courage to imagine how they could be and the tenacity to make that a reality

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Obtain B-BBEE Benefits

Need to obtain B-BBEE levels for your company?

We enable you to educate Youth, create jobs, and empower communities while being able to claim up to 135% back of your qualifying spend.

We envision youth to be equipped with the mindset and skills to take ownership and responsibility for their own future allowing them to live fulfilled and economically self-sustained lives in thriving communities in African


Year work Experience for Employable Empowered Youth

Youth@worK provides unemployed youth with a deeply supported and meaningful year of work experience in non-traditional worksites. We have extensive experience in placing youth into small business, community-based, social sector, and educational sector workspace opportunities. This exposes young people to the reward and value of delivering quality work within caring and youth oriented organisations.

​Our placement model is continuously expanding into new sectors. Our current partnerships allow us to offer our well-structured and tracked youth management programs into the education, SMME, agriculture, transport, finance, science & research and IT sectors.  

​Since our inception in 2018, Youth@worK has placed more than 3000 youth into workplace opportunities. Our experience in varying sectors enabled us to seamlessly pivot our delivery model as well adapt to funder specific program requirements.  

We have maintained consistent growth as an organisation allowing us to place increasing numbers of youth, whist maintaining a high quality of work experience and programme management. We achieve a 96% retention rate on youth placements and an average YES scorecard rating of 87%.

Youth@worK operates as an Opportunity Aggregator and Pathway Opener – creating a strong network of partnerships to facilitate youth’s access to and engagement with viable opportunities for work, growth and self-actualisation.

Our Research tells us that the Top 5 values held by young people are to:

  1. Be financially secure

  2. Be successful

  3. Continue to learn new skills

  4. Maintain a positive attitude

  5. Spend time with and contribute to family and friends


Understanding the youth demographic

Through our engagement with youth and their host employers, we are able to gather and interpret data regarding the youth demographic providing invaluable insight to influence innovation and change.

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Supported Skillsets


Sector Engagement




Placement Capacity

  • IT

  • Office administration

  • Teacher support

  • ECD

  • Sports Coaching

  • Food Security

  • SMME Development

  • Maintenance

  • Manufacturing

  • Education

  • Technology

  • Agriculture

  • SMME development

  • Transport

Lives Impacted By Visiting Our Website

  • Fully national.

  • Sites include:

    • Urban

    • Peri-Urban

    • Semi-rural

3500 in the 2022 financial year

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Thank you to schools/sites hosting YES youth - transferring skills, knowledge and expertise.

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Youth at worK 2022 Flyer

Below is a look at our 2022 Flyer

Youth Work Experience Journey

Learn new skills - Practise implementing them – Create your future employment








Both Youth and Host Employer inducted into programme to outline roles and responsibilities policies and procedures


For 12 months all roleplayers adhere to programme deliverables

Youth Empowerment Programme

Personal Development coupled with specific skills enhanced through experience creates pathways to employment

Youth Selection

Youth selected according to funding requirements, skills, location and industry

Exit / Absorption  Strategy

Market yourself for permanent employment or follow your vision to become self-employed


Develop your own Company or become a team player within organisations

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