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Empower Youth

Through Work

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Individual lives changed


Year work Experience for Employable Empowered Youth

Youth@worK provides unemployed youth with a deeply supported and meaningful year of work experience in non-traditional worksites. We have traditionally placed youth within educational institutions, exposing them to the reward and value of work occurring in learning and community spaces, as well as strengthening and capacitating the education sector to better provide quality education. 

As of 2021, our youth placement model has expanded to include other sectors of our well-structured and tracked management programs into automotive, accounting science & research, agriculture, IT and Early Childhood Development (ECD) sectors. 

Since our inception in 2018, Youth@worK has placed in excess of 2430 youth. Our experience in varying sectors has enabled us to seamlessly pivot our delivery model with the onset of COVID-19, as well as to adapt to funders’ specific program requirements. Throughout this period, we have maintained a 96% retention rate on placements and an average scorecard rating of 89%. 


Supported Skillsets

  • IT

  • Office administration

  • Teacher support

  • ECD

  • Sports Coaching

  • Food Security

  • SMME Development

  • Maintenance

  • Manufacturing

Sector Engagement

  • Education

  • Social

  • Technology

  • Agriculture

  • SMME development

  • Manufacturing

  • Automotive


  • Fully national.

  • Sites include:

    • Urban

    • Peri-Urban

    • Semi-rural

Placement Capacity

3500 in the 2021 financial year


ECD  |  Teacher Development | Sport  |  IT Skills  |  Life Skills | Food Security |  SMME Development

Five workers in a carpentry workshop, po

Healthy Community School: 
multi-sectoral collaboration 

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Youth Work Experience Journey

Learn new skills - Practise implementing them – Create your future employment








Both Youth and Host Employer inducted into programme to outline roles and responsibilities policies and procedures


For 12 months all roleplayers adhere to programme deliverables

Youth Empowerment Programme

Personal Development coupled with specific skills enhanced through experience creates pathways to employment

Youth Selection

Youth selected according to funding requirements, skills, location and industry

Exit / Absorption  Strategy

Market yourself for permanent employment or follow your vision to become self-employed


Develop your own Company or become a team player within organisations

We work closely with schools that are part of the Partner for Possibility Leadership Programme. For more information on the transformational journey that the schools and the youth have undertaken download the chapter Youth@worK harnessing the power of collaboration in the newly released book 2010 -2020 Stories of Impact


Our implementation process works

Meet Nqobile Sthole. 

Before YES Nqobile was unemployed, in debt and unskilled. 


Through the Youth@worK YES program, Nqobile was able to create stability for her family, pay off her debt, choose a career in teaching and begin her studies, as well as open up a business, employ her own staff and work as a ECD teacher. All this has happened within her one-year youth placement journey. But now hear it from her.....


Ashley Shadung

Ashely, began the YES internship program as an administrator at Sandown High School, coordinating administrative processes, assisting the finance department in managing budgets implementing policies, and coordinating events. Ashley is currently the Guest Relations Officer at Forest Hill City, whose responsibilities include the maintenance of rules and regulations among the tenants being the different shop owners in the mall.


Ashley attributes the YES multifaceted program for equipping him with good social skills and interpersonal communication. His duties at Sandown High enabled him to improve skills in excel and payroll and reviewing governance and policies, which he currently implements in his new position. Being permanently employed and gaining a scholarship for studies has allowed Ashley to pursue an LLB Law degree at UNISA!

Youth Sponsored by:

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How To Take Action Now

We partner with enterprises to 


By funding youth you are shaping and positively influencing the future of our country. This engagement will enhance your B-BBEE Scorecard in the Priority Elements of Ownership, Skills Development and Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD).



Supervise a youth at your workplace for 12 months and coach them towards job readiness while benefitting from their passion, skill and engagement.



Funders stories

This is what our proud & empowered youth are saying


Most of Oracle youth assist with COVID-19 duties, they take their work seriously which makes our work easier. They are adding value in office management by doing tasks allocated to them without failure.


“We now have YES youth who can think on their feet and does not need to be reminded of their duties, their filing and organizational skills have improved a lot.“

 Lindiwe Thabete (Deputy Principal) Ekwandeni Primary School

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“Abisai Mbulaheni helps with management, communication, petty cash management, reporting and general administration. He is also involved in stock-taking. He now has improved his time management and is able to complete the tasks at hand.”

Edgar Moola (Principal) Paul Mosaka Primary School

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Some youth are handy in computer classes, helping educators with computer lessons and teaches learners basic computer skills.


“The Waste Recycling Programme is a vital part of the work we do in training Teachers of young children (0-5) to make activities and equipment to help children to develop concepts, skills, and grow. Many community members donate wasted/recycled materials to our school. We also need someone to make examples of what the recycled materials can be used for. It is one of Siphesihles duties to maintain the Waste Room in good order and to regularly provide waste items for distribution to ECD Trainers and ECD Teachers, Siphesihle certainly provides a second pair of hands which we sorely need, and our maintenance man is happy to mentor him through all the various skills as he is eager to learn.”

Collen Osborne (ECD- Head of Department) Midlands Community College


The CSIR Youth are actively involved in the school environment as IT Assistants in computer labs, Math & Science Teaching Assistants, Computer Coding Facilitators & Digital Learning Facilitators across Western Cape, Gauteng, KZN, Mpumalanga, Free State & Limpopo. YES Implementation Partner Q2 Report – June 2020 Page 8 


“Kurt Dreyden plays an active role in the effective running of our computer lab – by supporting the educators and learners” 

Wayne Cupido (Principal) Windmeul Primary School

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The workload is much more manageable since YES youth were placed at the schools. Schools are running efficiently. There are youth who are responsible for procurement and payments of goods assets and stipends, data capturing and filing.  They ensure quality teaching and learning goes on without any interruptions. They maintain good communication with all stakeholders. Typing of letters, correspondence, and minutes for management. Fully competent with the  SASAMS programme - compile daily teacher / learner attendance stats. Some of them assist in running of the tuckshop- stock, order, sales, income, and expenditure. Screening learners at the gate. Updating learner school fees records.


“They make the work a lot easier and they have good ideas in making our schools a better place for children.” Nokuphiwa Mkhabela (Educator) Abambo Primary School

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“Mandisa Nzuza assist grade R since she is studying ECD, she also helps other grade learners with extra schoolwork and also assisting COVID-19 workers in the meantime. Linda Gumede has become more energetic in what he is doing, he is a good listener and can now communicate easily with other people.”

Bizie Magwaza (Principal) Mshwathi Memorial Primary School

Youth add a lot of value to the schools, they are dedicated to their tasks. They are extremely helpful in extramural activities, looks after our sporting field and volunteers to help in school maintenance and cleaning. They help teachers with marking and help learners with schoolwork, during lockdown one of them assisted with school gardening.


“They acquired a lot of knowledge and skills since they started working at the school and we have learnt a few things from them as well. They have become confident and shows more commitment to their work.”

Bizie Magwaza (Principal) Mshwathi Memorial Primary School

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Youth are effective by assisting the functioning of the school in administrative work, assisting in managing the new COVID-19 pandemic performing screening, sanitizing, registers, making copies and all that improves the smooth running of the school.


“They are eager to learn, showing interest in their job and within this short period of time there is a lot that they are doing even on their own.”

Zaza Mfubesi (Principal and Coordinator) Umyezo Wama Apile High School

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Youth support admin staff and educators, preparing all duplicate lesson information and they also help with the learners feeding scheme and the community. Some of them are involved in the safety program, especially the screening of learners.


“They understand the education system and the teaching techniques of learners in a much better way.  Administration work is done very successfully.”

John Leibrandt (Principal) Magnolia Primary School

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Empowering young South Africans

We are a leading Implementation partner, Youth@worK facilitates the creation of jobs within local schools and communities. These jobs strengthen these environments, as well as evolve youth’s understanding of alternative job spaces within social and community contexts. Youth are placed into a variety of traditional and novel roles such as Teacher assistant, IT, ECD and literacy facilitators, sports coaches, social workers, automotive trades, finance and accounting all roles which expand mindset, create opportunity & awareness, thus shifting understanding of what meaningful and viable work is. This is the essence of an entrepreneurial mindset.

Harnessing the power of collaboration to develop skills, knowledge, experience and opportunities

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Our SA Youth Placement Network

Annual Report 2020

Below is a look at our 2020 annual report


Our Vision

 For South Africa’s youth to be equipped with the mindset and skills to take ownership and responsibility for their own futures, allowing them to live fulfilled and economically self-sustained lives - within thriving communities.

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